Following are our high valued, 100% yielding, precisely build accurate courses with job orientation or for the entrepreneurship, all these are in-demand courses from the industry:

1:Certificate course in Sales & Marketing :

This course is specially crafted looking need of the individual client, it is not a general X, Y or Z course like others available in the existing institutes like:

# Certificate course in Sales

# Certificate course in Sales & Management

# Certificate course in Management

# Certificate course in Sales & Management Outline

# Certificate course for Sales & Marketing

# Certificate course in Salesforce

# Certificate course in Retail Banking Sales management


In this course admission is taken only when we get confirmed need of candidates with certain skill set. We provide that skill set by theory, practice using online and offline modes and get the candidates job ready. After having this course, you will come to know:

(A) Marketing; the creation of products’ demand

(B) Sales; fulfilling the demand

(C) Supply chain

(D) Challan, Bill & other documentation

(E) GST compliance & E-way bill

(F) Various payment modes

After having above theoretical & practical knowledge you will be job ready and know you may opt for a salaried job or you can start something your own as you have basic knowledge & our support, we are intended to support you whole life through one unique alumni code. Minimum educational qualification for this course is 10th pass while higher education is preferred, Max age is 40 years. Fee is variable for various slots and ranges from Rs 25,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- for complete 3 months’ course.

A True promise of 100% Placement !

To enquire about the forthcoming vacancy, course fee etc you are welcome to contact !

For any such certificate course from any college university you may visit many available institutes, colleges and universities with so many lucrative promises.

However, we are the best and only platform which guarantees your placement immediately after our 3 months’ course while other courses are long and without any job assurance, this makes us different.

Our methodogy is quite different from rest as:

We impart practical training not within any campus but we send you in real companies which are actually your real possible employers, so here placement is very obvious !

our purpose is your placement for whole life to proceed your life with dignity.

The people having will to work and progress even without money to pay our fee are also welcome as they can pay us after their final placement from their salaries in EMIs, we want to impart happiness in the society !!

This shows our commitment to the society & the nation, also it shows our true promise of your 100% placement !! We just donot give you a certificate but one decent appointment letter with the same, this only happens at Sigma Institute, the opportunity harvestor !!!

Yes, I am Interested to join !


This course enables you to work as a full time accountant with some business or start your own accounting services to various micro and small level industries/agencies etc; here you will learn theoretically and practically the concepts of accounting with a formal training to work on accounting software, after this 2 months’ course you will get the knowledge of :

(A) Challan, Bill & other documentation

(B) GST Compliance & E-way bill

(C) Accounting software (practically)

(D) ITC & GST Refunds

When you are equipped with this advance knowledge of accounts you will be none the less than a senior and qualified accountant as GST enabled accounting is new to all and therefore, this course is high in demand!

The minimum educational qualification for this course is 12th pass, higher education and commerce background is preferred, max age is 40 years. The total course fee is Rs 30,000/- . Alumni code given with the certificate will be life time assistance guarantee from us.

To enquire about the same, you are welcome to contact us.

Accounting jobs carry a respect & responsibility !

Apart from us, you may also check the simlar courses at : &

However, you will find ours is the best as we take:

# less time # less fee ,

still we ensure placement immediately after our course, that makes us different from rest. A simple difference can be observed as under:

  • We take only 2 months while others take 6 months to 1 year
  • Our fee is nominally small Rs. 30,000/- while others charge Rs 50,000/- to 90,000/-
  • Even without paying any fee, one can study with us and can pay fee in installments after the placement !
  • With us placement is immediately after the 2 months’ course, rest only assist while we provide.
  • Most sought after feature with us is that we impart our knowledge to those also who don’t pay us in advance, for them we differ our fee in installments to be paid after the placement !
Learn, Get Certified & Earn !

After having this basic introduction, if want to join us then say:

I am interested !


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the back bone of digital marketing through any website, it’s a great subject today, great in demand too. After learning the concepts and modes of SEO, you will be job ready to any small or big trading house, you will learn here: (A) Keywords selection

(B) social media marketing

(C) Tools like google ads, adsense on google

We make the individuals perfect by giving actual commercial platform to hone these skills as apart from learning the undergoing principles, practice is the only thing which gives you perfection. The course needs 2 months time where you will get required theory and practicals. The candidate must be at least 12 pass up to the age of 40 years; course fee is Rs 25,000/- Rs.

SEO jobs are very sought after like hot cake !

After you trained you also can opt to remain a free lancer; Institute offers a life time support to all through one alumni code given with the certificate.

However, there are famous names in this segment like:

where one can visit to see the difference which can be summarised as under briefly :

  • We take only 2 months’ time while others take 6 months to 1 year
  • Our fee is quite low as our purpose is to empower you and the society to make you confident with high earning potential.
  • We place you just after the completion of the course, while others show only their records !
  • One most sought after feature that we have is that we impart the same quality training even to those who don’t pay our fee in advance, for them we differ the fee in installments to be paid after the placement !!
  • If this excites you to make your career with our honest promise then come to us.
Search Engine optimization is key to online success… !

Interested To join :


This is a course for which everybody is crazy & curious, the impact and reach of this course is directly proportional to somebody’s creative quotient, one can create a whole new virtual world through this course ! Once you completed this course you will feel intensely equipped with highly precious and constructive energy, you will be with one another you having wings and zeal to scale new heights !

Website developers possess a gravity !

After having this course you will be able to : (A) Plan a website/blog as per need

(B) Plan execution on suitable software

(C) use the required software

(D) Use plugins to make website SEO freindly

This is 3 months’ powerpack course, minimum qualification for the course is 12th pass with command in english. Age is no bar, the candidate will get a lifelong support through unique alumni code which we give with the certificate whether get employed or become self emplyed, the course fee is Rs 50,000/-

Some other institutes are also there to impart such training like :

This is just to compare other courses with us so that you can realise the difference can decide best for you:

1: 3 months’time Time taken is up to 1 year
2: Lowest feeFee is much larger
3: Assured placementPlacement assistance
4: This is even for those who want to
pay our fee after their placement.
They will charge in advance
We are in 1st column !

This way you will find we are giving you an option like your beloved family member offers you !

Website is now essential part …..!

If excited enough !

Yes, I want to join :


Digital marketing is the sum-up of all soft skills needed to scale a business to new and never before heights, in today’s world as we can not imagine life without electricity similarly we can;t imagine scaling of business without the use of soft skills, these all soft skills are bundled-up in this course of digital marketing; having this completed course the learner becomes a complete IT professional in context of a running business !

A digital marketeer controls nerve of a business growth !

We prove ourselves very precise and yeilding even when you compare ouselves with best-in-class tagged somebody like:

search engine journal

For the sake of comparison we are giving you following chart:

1: Only 2 months’ timeOthers take quite a long time
2: Lowest feeUpto 4-5 times fee than us
3: Assured placementThey only assist, no assurance !
4: One has liberty to pay our fee even after the placementThey wouldn’t allow like this
So, decide & Join !
Digital marketing is now one essential business activity…!

Want To Join !



These courses are defied to be defined, it doesn’t mean they do not exist but it means really a value addition as per the need of any food professional or industry. We are in this industry since 1990 and created a food manufacturing venture ” MRITYUNJAY INNOVATIONS” engaged in the manufacturing of various food ingredients, one can see the detail at:

Our purpose is to create a broad eco-system in food segment itself as this is a very potent segment to create jobs at every level of society and to use huge human resource. In functional ingredients used in food industry most are imported till now from China and rest of the world, now due Corona virus covid-19 pandemic under new world order now there is enormous scope is open to be tapped locally. we have certain technologies to be commercialised for the production of such bulk products which are otherwise imported.

In our country there are renowned centers for the study of food technology like: &

But, unfortunately they do not serve the purpose of industry due their non-updation of the courses, author of these lines is himself a graduate from the first one, HBTI, Kanpur.

If you are interested to start one everpaying project in food sector or you want to make your career in this sector then :

A course for jobseekers & entrepreneurs !


This is most coveted field of business in the service of mankind, this field due to tight regulations is not open to all, to make career in this segment the individual must have a degree/diploma in pharma. People who want to start some venture in this segment are most welcome to get required guidance and assistance to choose the right product, manufacturing process, packaging and sales looking international trend. In our country following renowned institutes are working :

However, these institutes will not be able to help you as they are completely unsynchronized with current situations that reflects in their poor placement records as well, we are here to help you as per the requirements to make you a successful pharmapreneur. Currently under the corona virus covid-19 pandemic this segment is very demanding as whole of the mankind needs to be protected from this deadly virus.

If you are enough serious to venture in profitable and big opportunity in this segment then:


These are invaluable courses available only with us with full-fledged integrated approach from the qualified technology professionals having adequate experience and industry exposure. By doing these courses one can be placed in production, processing and quality control departments of some manufacturing company or if you willing to start something your own then too these courses are invaluable asset to you where you will learn the actual art, science, technology, processes, marketing, sales,supply chain and logistics in one seemless approach to add one creative dimension in your personality through which you increase your earning index better than those having bigger degrees from reputed institutes around you !

India is rich in raw materials, processing is beneficial !

Whether you opt to work as an employee or as an entrepreneur we support lifelong through the alumni code given with the certificate. These candidates if opt to start a business, we will offer partnership and also our brand name having already presence in the market, so this certificate course will be much beyond the technical knowledge. The course fee is variable and the courses are open to all aspirants.

However, Renowned institutes like :

and others are working but they are not beyond formal certication, we are here to support you to make a successful professional and successful entrepreneur in this segment, the certificate is secondary with us, we believe in real ground success !

For further assistance, you are welcome to :

Our Upcoming Courses:

# Certificate Course In Computers

# Certificate Course In Excel

# Certificate Course In PHP

# Certificate Course In Yog Trainer

For any further assistance, querry :

All to make you healthy, wealthy and successful ! Listen the message below to understand us :

We Give Wings To Your Ambitions; You Explore The Sky !!

This is what we want to establish !
We believe in imparting skills to individuals and imparting innovation to the industry to flourish the society as a whole !!

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