Financial Services


Financial assistance from us involves :

  • Credit facilities for exporters & importers
  • Credit facilities for traders & manufacturers
  • Business Loans
  • Personal Loans etc.

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At Sigma Institute, financial services are institutionalized keeping in mind the unified approach for least botheration of the clients. We take care right from eligibility analysis to final disbursement of funds as per the need and availability.

We do not guarantee of financial assistance to any, this all depends upon credit rating and credit policy of various financial institutions. We study the case with our battery of expert finance professionals working with various financial institutions and decide the eligibility in fast track.

Our expertise is our asset that we share with you & for that we charge minimally, our working is very transparent and our advise is free of cost however to get such an in depth advise people have to pay tens of thousand rupees !

We do not indulge people if there credit rating is irrepairably bad in shape, however minor issues to improve the rating are handled by us. Persons & businesses with fair cradit rating get even more fair offers from the financial institutions if they are placed with proper tag-line and schemes.

So, we do our job in better placement of your case in front of supportive financial institution looking their policies, priorities and their offer so we get the best deal for you, that too without affecting your cibil score. As we apply only at one place after doing exhaustive homework for the clients.

A complete set of services involve right from the beginning for aspiring businesses, start-ups & entrepreneurs to start rightly to maintain their credit worthyness as just one mistake decreases the rating for a long time span.

We welcome all from all segments as financial services are same irrespective of the segment, while in the food, pharma & cosmetics we also provide project consultation, technical & commercial feasibility study reports, statuary & other business documentations.

Marketing support s also our one essential service to the businesses.



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