1: Industrial Chilling Plants Without Use Of CFCs

Global warming, depletion of ozone layer above atmosphere and other environmental issues associated with chloro-fluoro-carbons (CFCs) so it has to eradicated by 2000, however till now it is not yet done so far.

This technology was crafted & framed by me for this innovative project in the year of 1995, this technology has huge potential to commercialize. Any body can take this opportunity to encash by making it as business venture, we will be technology partner in this venture of 15% only.

Future chilling plants……!

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2: Enzyme Manufacturing:

Enzymes are now most used functional ingredients in all segments of chemical manufacturing industries be it food, be it pharma, be it cosmetics, be it soaps & detergents etc. while this segment get least attention in the Indian industry.

We at Sigma Institute have this technology to offer as one innovative project to any interested person or business on 15 % profit sharing basis. The project has huge Indian and overseas markets to explore.

Catalyse your success with enzymes….. !

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3: Modified Starches:

However India is one largest manufacturer of corn starch but we do not manufacture even a single gram of modified starches which are functional ingredients in food, pharma, cosmetics and paper industry in huge quantities.

Annual import data supports that it has huge potential in Indian market itself, the technology is available with us with complete know-how. We offer commercialization of this technology on 15 % profit sharing.

Modified starches are key ingredients to food processors…!

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4: Sodium Aluminium Sulphate: (SAS)

The grade of SAS which is the actual requirement to produce quality baking powders is not available in our country as the technology which is needed is not at all adopted by Indian business so far.

We are here to offer that ideal product which will replace completely the available SAS in the market which is in huge quantities.

We offer this on 15% profit sharing basis to any individual or industry.

Unique thermal decomposition properties are the key…. !

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5: Synthetic Emulsifiers :

Synthetic emulsifiers consist large range on the basis of their end use like food, pharma, cosmetics, bulk & industrial chemicals etc, in India at present huge quantity of these various emulsifiers are imported from overseas market, however one can fill this requirement locally by putting right efforts with right technology support. We offer this innovative project to any interested individual or industry on 15 % stake holding in profit sharing.

Most of the emulsifiers we offer are imported ….!

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