Industry specific datae is really a bacbone of any marketing campaign, if you have a live and authentic data your brand recognition improves fast with better conversions to increase your sales volume significantly.

We do not provide just data to count in number but we provide live industry specific focussed & fresh data as we at sigmasoft use multifaceted artificial intelligence in specific data harvesting from websites & search engines.

Due to our different, simple but highly focussed approach we do not offer downloadable ready stock of data bank but loooking your specific need we, first do the tedious task of data assortment & then only we provide.

It’s a black& white test of our data quality that one will get maximum response when compared to the datae from other sources, in normal data from other source on an average has as low as 0.1% of response rate while with our live, focussed and fresh industry specific datae response rate goes on an average as high as approx 4% ! this figure is amazingly in higher side by a factor of about 40 times !!

Marketing & sales professionals know the meaning of this huge difference, the response rate & click rate however grossly depends upon the contents & clarity of subject in email marketing, when data is appropriately assorted keeping keywords in mind !

We also can take full responsibility of your email marketing & can show the response statistics as claimed above because then we will have full control on database as well as on content clarity & timing of email campaigns that certainly increases your brand value in long run & give you better sale volumes !

In our sales-growth programs we offer various marketing plans which are really great in their price segments, so as per your decision we supply you quality data as well as we also take assignments and provide integrated services of ‘sigmasoft’; a giant opportunity harvestor for all !!!

Authentic data gives a push to your sales !

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