Hiring process decoded !

This is perhaps a most sought-after dream of an entrepreneur, of an established business person to get performers as their staff !

But, unfortunately you are cornered and forced to hire the people with ‘right attitude’ as you don’t get the pool of the individuals having ‘right attitude with right skillset’ to perform from day – one !

From where we get such people ?

Here, there is role of our opportunity harvestor software ‘sigmasoft’ that from huge pool select the people for you train them systematically, thoroughly and quickly within few months and send them to you by converting them from ordinary candidates to extra-ordinary performers particularly on your platform.

Sigmasoft imparts them required training through live sessions with experts and also we give an opportunity to you to take certain live sessions with your trainees !

This way sigmasoft prepares them to make them suitable by customising them as per your needs & challenges, this is the unique feature available only at sigmasoft in the field of staffing, recruitment and placement services !!

So, whatever the educational background if they are from Sigma Institute, they will perform like experienced persons and achieve the set targets to fulfill goals of your company.

Staffing is otherwise a very tedious, time consuming, expensive and risky process, here with us the sigmasoft staffing is made easy.

As per analytics regarding jobs, salaries & employee employer relationships only this is on an average 18% people remain in same job for more than 5 years & approx 40% remain in same field after 5 years, this shows that people keep on changing their jobs & fields !

This data has a meaning that the youth of our country from the colleges are raw & very raw and due to many reasons together industry is not ready to train them & pay them at the same time, that gap is filled by us with the help of our giant software with alot of artificial intelligence and equipped with IoT by making them from job aspirants to enthusiastic performers !!!

What is Sigmasoft ?

If you really want performers as your new staff, just fill this form & submit:

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