What is six sigma ?

The answer is that this is the methodology to achieve every desirable aspect of business flow; be it hassle free production planning, be it process optimization, be it minimization of production losses !

Similarly; six sigma principles are an effective tool to align human resource for best utilisation of time to achieve goals in time-bound programs

Six sigma is an all inclusive approach towards total business solutions when applied with care & honesty, these principles allow an information at right time and to a right person to maintain a lean approach where no unnecessary articles are involved.

Six Sigma Vs Lean Six sigma

In six sigma when only necessary articles and only necessary persons are involved, it becomes lean six sigma version.

However, there is similarity at many places in curriculum but lean six sigma is more for corporate houses and defence sector.

Why Sigma Institute ?

Sigma Institute is a unique place to learn academia & industry together with oneness approach, no institute in India is so vibrant, so wide to accomodate both; industry & academia, at one side we train the students for JEE/NEET/BITSAT while at other hand we run various job guarantee courses, in addition to all this now we are entering into a more demanding true value courses which enable our professionals into experts and increase their earning index soundly.

Here at Sigma Institute, we facilitate these courses with least expenses & most mentored from the industry professionals having decades of experience in their area of expertise having thorough knowledge of six sigma curriculum, objective & approach.

Sigma Institute runs it’s this program as per the guidelines from world’s largest six sigma certification body the “Six Sigma Council of Certification (CSSC)” course curriculum is directly taken from this global agency of repute.

For industry leaders, Sigma Institute has one more unique & monopoly additional course material in the form of android app “MICost” which enables our professionals to calculate exact costing of finished goods absolutely free of cost !

Unlike other certification providers Sigma Institute charges only once for life-time, no renewals are needed, moreover our charges are at lowest as our objective is to help more & more professionals to recognise their potential and to improve their earning potential.

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1: Lean Six Sigma White Belt :

In the six sigma industry this is an entry level introductory course to make a person aware about the six sigma/lean six sigma principles, approach & objectives. It does not require any minimum eligibility so anyone can earn this certification for complete life time, moreover it is free of cost.

On successful completion of the course followed by an online test which the candidate has to pass with minimum 80% marks, a globally recognised softcopy of certificate will be awarded !

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2: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt :

This is next level of white belt, yellow belt holders are supposed to handle smaller projects applying PDCA ( Plan, Do, Check, Act) methodology on business processes to improve them for yield & optimization.

Fee for yellow belt alongwith white belt is Rs 24000/- (inclusive all) the fee involves all expenses like training, mentoring & examination fee; For this there is no minimum eligibility barrier.

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3: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt:

In six sigma fraternity this is third level in the ladder, the professionals holding this certification are supposed to apply DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control) methodology in any project or business process to improve the net profits. An individual willing to have this globally recognised certification can register himself/herself directly as this does not require any minimum eligibility.

Fee inclusive training, mentoring & examination is Rs 36000/- ( incusive GST) for green belt + yellow belt + white belt.

Candidate needs to pass by scoring at least 70% in online test only after which the softcopy of the lean six sigma green belt will be awarded.

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4: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt : Level-II

This is a true example of academia to industry seamless transformation as this certification does not require to pass any written exam rather it needs a true participation and functioning of an individual in a six sigma project demonstrating DMAIC/DMADV methodology as a team member !

Pre-requisite of this program is a valid lean six sigma : green belt certificate; however if you earned this certificate with us, it is life time valid but certain other certification providers issue the certificate which need renewals after their expiry, once more we want to mention that certification from us are for life time !

The project review fee in this case is Rs 72000/- , valid for your three attempts & 1 year time from the day when you make the payment, if project fails consequently in 3 attempts then candidate needs to pay again.

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5: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt :

The black belt holders are supposed to be on higher side of the six sigma ladder, they are well versed with all methodologies and standards, black belt professionals are most sought after in the business circles as they proven their mettle already in the industry. All inclusive fee for black belt + green belt + yellow belt + white belt is Rs 84000/- ; there is no pre-requisite to register for black belt.

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6: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt : Level-II

This is again a certification of great wisdom bridging between academia & industry, this does not need to sit for a particular exam and to pass it but it needs a project execution demonstrating the DMAIC/DMADV methodology in all aspects of possible improvements.

Project review fee for this certification is Rs 72000/- valid for 1 year & maximum 3 attempts.

Pre-requisite for this is a valid lean six sigma black belt certificate.

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7: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt : Level-III

Uniqueness is the soul of this level apart from all the challenges of black belt level-II, here the candidate has to execute & submit an unique project demonstrating DMAIC/DMADV methodology in full, the project submitted must be diffrent from any other project submitted for this level.

Pre-requisite for this level is lean six sigma black belt level-II certificate.

Project review fee for this is Rs 72000/- valid for 1 year & maximum 3 attempts.

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8: Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt :

This is supposed to be doctorate in six sigma field, this vigorous & exhaustive as it needs to pass an exhaustive 4 hrs written test followed by three unidentical projects to be reviewed. In written exam 90% is the minimum requirement.

Pre-requisites are also little difficult:

1: Lean six sigma black belt level-III

2: 4 years’ work experience certificate in six sigma black belt capacity.

Projects review fee is Rs 1,60,000/-, valid for 1 year & maximum 3 attempts.

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What after Six Sigma ?

Quality jobs are offered to a quality professional, otherwise companies keep these positions empty !

One may be a qualified engineer from ‘A’ grade college with good command over his/her area of specialisation still he or she in lack of some proven methodology practise & experience on them is not trusted by the employers for bigger roles; six sigma certifications being purely practical give hands-on experience to an individual that boost their confidence and therefore chances in quality job market; the employers also get convinced once they see a green or black belt holder in six sigma fraternity.

Globally six sigma is getting momentum on fast pace & quality jobs are becoming reserved for six sigma professionals, the salaries offered to a six sigma professional are around 30 – 40 % higher than their counterparts having same qualification without six sigma certification !

In India too, in bigger job hubs like Bengaluru, Gurugram, Noida, Delhi & Mumbai etc trend is shifting towards six sigma practitioners with better salaries & better future prospects.

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Why the six sigma is getting such momentum ?

Today’s world in the era of information blast due to print media, media & social media, nobody & no company is in position to hide their errors in any form so the competition is like never before, so industry now does not need just a ‘knowledge pillar’ but now they need knowledge spreader & implementors that too in error-free manner, this need of the hour is addressed well in six sigma methodologies and therefore now the six sigma qualification is becoming a necessity across the business operations !

Following is table to summarise :

CourseContact hrsSyllabus
1: Lean six sigma white belt10As per CSSC
2: Lean six sigma yellow belt14As per CSSC
3: Lean six sigma green belt20As per CSSC
4: Lean six sigma green belt – level II22As per CSSC
5: Lean six sigma black belt28As per CSSC
6: Lean six sigma black belt – level II30As per CSSC
7: Lean six sigma black belt – level III32As per CSSC
8: Lean six sigma master black belt40As per CSSC


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