We are poised to generate 100000 jobs in first phase at various levels !

Surprised ?

Our modus operandi is simple, we gathered huge data from existing companies of every size and segment so we have huge requirement of individuals who can join hands with these enterprises.

One may think, how such an huge vacancy pool exists while in general the joblessness is in airs !

True !!

Here we worked harder, worked smarter, work innovatively and developed a platform “sigmasoft” which on the basis of industry and business participation identified HR needs of the organisations with only one condition that the individual must be ‘suitable’ for their work requirements !

Now, sigmasoft a software bridges this need by imparting that ‘required’ & ‘suitable’ training to the selected individuals lokking their willingness and skillset they have.

Sigmasoft doesn’t search job for you, as this will go in vein as it is happening already with you ! we actually make you fit for the opportunity they have, that too vacant. So, we are at one hand serve industry in identifying their untapped areas and at other hand we prepare you for that vacancy. This is why we call it opportunity university !!

Pool of lakhs of businesses are waiting for right candidates, they are not looking for degrees but the skill set, they are not looking for english speaking but the sensible speaking, we prepare you accordingly ! People are busy in making their attractive resume but not getting jobs because of mismatch between industry and academia.

Truely speaking, ‘sigmasoft’ is one unique opportunity harvestor for all concerned, it maps the businesses and their potential looking national & international trends then to fulfill that goal genuinely the individuals are trained & placed in very natural way so the jobs created here are for ever and very long lasting !

Due tough competetion in real world, industry needs individuals but not mismatched, sigmasoft is working appropriately to match industry & the individuals for win – win combination by giving them opportunity to grow !!!

To avail the suitable opportunity, register with us:

Or come to the sigmasoft.

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