After having B.Tech.Chem.Tech (Food Tech) from HBTI KANPUR in the year of 1990 started my career from production side, remain in the same till 1999, worked alot learned accordingly and started a small unit of bread-improver manufacturing which is now producing more than 80 products developed, engineered, commercialised and finally launched in the market by me.

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In the year of 2002, I started a new journey to coach students preparing for JEE MAINS, JEE ADV & NEET in general and teaching chemistry in particular. A lot of course material in chemistry, online & offline guidance is available with us.

Further in the year of 2020 apart from this I realised very intensely, observed keenly and felt an all time need of training youth for a skill set to boost their confidence, to improve their earning index and finally to make them self dependant employed or self employed by doing some business activity ! We here at this platform are intended to provide a true promise of 100% placement to the unemployed youth.

Similarly, I see everyday that micro, small and medium level business owners struggle to get right candidate but the don’t get as today youth has higher degrees but no skill set, so a big mismatch is there, we are working on that gap for a socially, economically and commercially sustainable win-win solution to all. Business documentation is also one area where we help. Our all services are available at lowest possible cost in very conducive, professional and friendly manner.

Rare endorsement, as reality is rare …. !!

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