Industry specific data


Data supplied by us is :

Live, fresh, responsive, Assorted &

Industry specific

The price given is for 100000 email data.

Sales Promotion


Whenever somebody wants to start any sort of marketing campaign then email data is needed essentially as a tool.

The a-lot of data is available on the online and offline stores, but it is just a data not the relevant data ! We provide here segregated fresh and live data to our valued clients for value to their money.

Our data is :

Global, fresh, live and responsive.

We pick the data on the keywords supplied from you so it is as relevant as your demand of the same. 

The data provided by us is assorted for a particular client so it is just not data as it is available elsewhere. The data supplied by us is specifically cropped using highly precise softwares with intelligent and accurate mehodology.

We provide everything innovative & power packed so not the data but we provide assorted data ! 


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