Onset of such a wonderful platform where everyone is supposed to be fruitful & everyone can contribute towards society positively and at the same time can earn his or her livelihood with grace & dignity is the result of very painful long journey of troubles and endless hurdles with very intense believe in dedicated hard work to overcome all this mischief by prevailing circumstances.

With the very intense, with very much proven & very practical set of rules I started the “OPPORTUNITY UNIVERSITY TO ALL !” to eliminate hurdles & troubles from the lives of real contributors, creators towards business and industry.

I have seen personally, observed keenly that persons having real & required skillset are many times replaced by the shallow personalities just because their educational background which is more acceptable due to a wrong perception that “degree holders” from big universities and colleges are better than conventional skilled persons and their wisdom !

However in today’s real world; the fact is that the formal education has only a little role to play as people from the colleges are hardly job ready ! nobody can deny this fact. The people from these big institutions many times live in the situations as they feel sorry and shame to name their college & their degrees !!

At Sigma Institute we find the remedy and started value addition to the individuals to boost their confidence so that they become real worth to themselves, society and industry and can feel pride in their daily lives without any unnecessary false burden like those who are jobless or less paid persons from big institutions.

The same is with aspiring business persons, they falsely believe in foreign technologies & business models without analysing them practically so either they feel themselves ‘belittle’ and do not make right effort to grow or give their major earnings to their foreign counterparts, so we endeavour to offer particularly those technologies which are not yet in India to ensure complete over-all growth of the investor with us without any limits !

So, we are working day & night to ensure a giant socio-economic network to make an individual happy and prosperous & so the society & so the business & industry.

Our most of the services do not require upfront money from our members, if you agree with the thought shared here and the remedy to uplift the individual & industry this way and want to boost our confidence fill your mail id below :

for free of cost.

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