Certificate Course In Sales & Marketing


People opting for our courses are HIRED !

Certificate In Sales & Marketing is suitable for:

  • The employers
  • The individuals seeking job
  • The individual entrepreneurs


This is a course with a true promise of 100% placement, for details

The course material, content and pattern is all so unique and customised that we can take it as ‘defied to be defined’ as we train every individual as per the need of vacancy at some business house.

We want to create a chain of such trained individuals to pull others from valley of idleness and sorrows to make a true & sustainable for ever business eco-system for the benefit of each and every individual, industry and the institution. 

Anyone who is a job seeker, anyone who is in job, anyone who is an entrepreneur, anyone who is in large business this course is one opportunity for customized up-gradation. Just see how ?

If you are a business house and looking for staff at various levels, we will do this task for you with great sense of responsibility in most economic manner without the risk of big advertisements and without the risk of failure of selected candidates after couple of months.

As  every candidate will join with aparticular salary tag which in all circumstances a business house pays, even just to save their market reputation. This all will be avoided in our model of staffing services.

 We first take your need in detail- free of cost ; then we train the desired candidates- free of cost ; then we place them with you in following manner:

  • In first month – @ travelling allounce
  • In 2nd month – @ T.A. + Fooding & Lodging 
  • In 3rd month-  @ TA + F & L + Salary 
  • Confermation with other benefits

With a great liberty that, anytime you can send our candidate back to us if not suitable to you, we will arrange another !

This model, I speculate a great success in placement services, our services to the employers are free of cost !!   

Hopefully, everyone will like this our win-win effort to all !!!





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